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221b baker street / n.gower street looked pretty when i went to visit

221b baker street / n.gower street looked pretty when i went to visit

Aug 10

Anonymous said: I was rewatching Sherlock when it hit me that we always see John in bed when he's upset, having a nightmare or something like that. They use little scenes of him uncomfortable in bed to tell us about him and his mental state. Wouldn't it be sweet that after everything we had a scene of him sleeping peacefully for once? Maybe next to someone he loves? The closest we've got to that is the staircase nap at the stag do.


I really think we’re gonna get that scene, tbh.

Like, really.

The show has visually set up for it since day one.

This show basically loves the over-the-bed shot and shots that are reminiscent of over-the-bed shots. And there’s a definite progression of how this shot is used throughout the show.

We start in ASiP with a literal over-the-bed shot, and we see John in bed alone (and of course this bed is small, so he has nowhere to lie except for in the middle, but his room is arranged so that his bedside table is on the left… just hold onto that thought):


And then later in ASiP, we get John and Sherlock (and continue to note for later, John on the left and Sherlock on the right) in a pose reminiscent of an over-the-bed shot (and happy and laughing and breathing hard, almost like it’s, well… post-coital):


Fast forward to series 2, and ASiB. Episode 1.1 was when we saw John alone in bed, and 2.1 is when we see Sherlock alone in bed just before he wakes up calling for John (in the shot, Sherlock is in the center of the bed, but shortly after this in the scene we see that Sherlock’s room is arranged so that his bedside table is on the right… just keep on holding that thought for now):


That’s all we get for series 2. So moving on to series 3, which is a veritable goldmine in so many ways… We start off post-reunion with John lying in bed next to Mary (John on the left, Mary on the right) while he’s presumably being kept awake by his emotional turmoil over Sherlock’s return:


Moving right along to TSoT, we have another figurative over-the-bed shot of John and Sherlock together (John on the left, Sherlock on the right, are we seeing a pattern here):


And then finally, for our final specimen, we have John and Mary again in HLV, while John is dreaming of Sherlock while lying next to his wife (each in their customary places, of course, with John on the left and his partner on the right):


So basically what I take away from this is:

  1. John and Sherlock are already established as each having a “side of the bed” and they just happen to be complementary sides
  2. In s3, the shot of John and Sherlock lying together on the stairs, sandwiched in between two episodes of John and Mary lying together in the same relative positions, visually draws the connection of exactly what kind of relationship John and Sherlock have (hint: it’s not platonic and Sherlock is the other spouse)
  3. There’s a certain progression to the shots, and pretty much the only thing we haven’t gotten is John and Sherlock literally lying in bed together


We gonna see these two little shits lying in bed together.





John + Removing his coat

requested by anon

Yes that’ll do nicely.

I feel like this set really says something about their dynamic.

John: *takes off clothes* *takes off clothes* *takes off clothes*
Sherlock: *puts John’s clothes back on”
John: :/

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BAMF Dr. Watson. Three years, I waited for this moment for over three years. No-one can even remotely understand how much this scene meant for me.

and for all of us who screamed: Yes! At last Doctor!John!

And it was as good as we all hoped it would be.

Doctor John H Watson, consulting BADASS.

May I add in something here? I think you may enjoy knowing this if you do not already.

What you saw right there was Captain John H. Watson, FNF, MD, Retired.

I’ve worked with military doctors. Doctors do bark out orders that they expect to be obeyed.

What you saw here was a commanding officer, a Captain, give a command.

While the doctor in John Watson can and has barked out orders we have not seen him give a command before.

This scene was pure Captain John H. Waston, FNF. When an officer gives a command to one of lesser rank he does not expect it to be obeyed; he knows it will be obeyed. There is no question of “if”. That does not exist in the military.

The soldier hesitated at first because John barked at him to “Call the ambulance, now! as Dr. John Watson.

When the soldier did not move to comply then Dr.John Watson switched gears right into Captain John Watson and he issued a command. The solider knew the difference immediately. He obeyed Captain Watson without hesitation.

John remained Captain Watson when he addressed Sherlock as “nurse”. That clearly startled Sherlock. When John became Captain Watson he remained within military protocol and addressed Sherlock in a military manner which is simple SOP (Standard Operating Procedure).

It was also interesting to see Sherlock startled. Evidently he has not seen a lot of Captain Watson either.

Martin did a perfect turn here in this scene. He did not simply become louder, or more insistent. He became commanding.

Well done!

And I absolutely agree with you! John Watson is a complete badass. However when he became military he was Captain John H. Watson, Fifth Northumberland Fusiliers and he was then Captain Badass!

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John, did I do it wrong? 

Did he do it fucking wrong? Ugh just kill me with a rusty spoon, and rip my eyes out. HE THOUGHT HE DID IT FUCKING WRONG!? FUCK! 

I’m sobbing even today from that scene

There might be a day when I don’t reblog this scene, but that day isn’t today. 

He just up and reads a love letter. Out loud. In front ot everyone. AND HE HAS NO IDEA

Reblogging again because: YES. THIS. 

(Also reblogging again because it’s, like, my fave.)

It just breaks my damned heart how he automatically turns to John. John is his barometer for how he should behave, his conduit for understanding the world.

God, he’s gut-wrenching. 

these two can never, ever be apart. Never

There are so many wonderful things about this scene, but one of my favourites is the demonstration of how physically affectionate John is when his guard is down. 

john is an expressive and wholehearted hugger. There really can be no question about the depth of his affection when he pulls Sherlock into a hug like that, eyes squeezed shut, clinging onto him he’ll never let him go. It’s like he’s wrapping his whole body around Sherlock and surrounding him in undeniable affection. It’s a beautiful thing.

And we don’t even really get to see the whole hug, because he’s clearly not in favour of letting go when he does. He wasn’t finished with that hug in any way whatsoever. Even once Sherlock gets going with his speech again, John still has a hand on his neck. Everything in John still wants to be clinging to Sherlock. He’s still got more to (physically) say.

John is, it seems, far more comfortable speaking with his body than he is with his words. But this conversation is interrupted by Sherlock’s speech, the one John asked him to give, much like their relationship is interrupted by Sherlock’s choice to deceive John and leave at the end of The Reichenbach Fall. Whenever they reach a point of loving one another simply and completely, the plot drags them apart too soon, before that conversation, physical or otherwise, is complete. This series is affection interruptus at its finest.

I love the idea of John as physically demonstrative when he feels he’s allowed to be. Look how happy he is to hug Sherlock! LET ME LOVE YOU, that’s what his body language says. COME HERE AND LET ME LOVE YOU. NO. SHUT UP. LET ME LOVE YOU. I’M NOT DONE YET.

And thus I deduce that John is a cuddler, and a really, really good one. Since Sherlock is in desperate need of a good cuddle, this could work out very well. 

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Aug 09

screencap gif meme → the space

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I think I’ll surprise John…

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